Beats, Trials & Tribulations


Beats, Trials & Tribulations offers young people the opportunity to work with industry professionals to unlock their lyrical, production and filmmaking talents.

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HighRise have created a dynamic and deep reaching engagement programme for young people using Drill and popular local music, culture and politics as a tool to engage, create, uplift and inspire.

This programme is bespoke to the locations, areas and young people we work with, following on from recent pilot in partnership with Cambridge Junction. This tried and tested model supports young people (14-21) to produce their own artistic work, create local collaborations and receive career development and mentoring in music and filmmaking.

For further details, or if you are interested in bringing Beats, Trials & Tribulations to your young people, hit us up at:

“I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression for about 5 years no. and just sort of recently making music has sort of given me an outlet to express it instead of sort of bottling it up” Participant 

“I honestly can’t thank the Junction and Romsey Mill enough at the moment. My son is a different lad thanks to your support with his music.” Parent of participant 

“They’re integrating with people they wouldn’t normally meet or come across, and different groups of people come together to create something that they have a mutual love of.” Artist Facilitator