My Generation

18th March 2017

By Dominic Garfield

Created by the Orange Tree Theatre Young Company & HighRise Theatre

An incident on a bus, a community’s delayed reaction, a victim’s valour and a perpetrators pain.

Welcome to Black Orchard. A small village on the outskirts of a town you might recognise. Near that city you kinda live near. Black Orchard is home to the largest community of ‘hangers’ in the whole world.

The history of the hanger is unsure to most. Some say they come from an island just off the coast of Poole Harbour. Others say they were originally an experiment bred by the government to test inter-breeding and segregation. Either way, the locals see them as un-pure, alien-like and dangerous.

As the hangers continue to be attacked, abused and pigeon holed, this explosive bus incident opens a huge can of hate, with social media the epicentre for vicious comments and threats.

My Generation is an original collection of thoughts and experiences, exploring ideas of identity, race and what it means to change the habits of history.