Tracy Gentles

Interim Chair

Interim Chair

Tracy is currently Interim Chair of HighRise Entertainment’s Advisory Board. She has been a keen supporter of HighRise since 2018,through her role as Director of The Sick of the Fringe, seed commissioners of The UK Drill Project, later providing structural mentoring towards their entry to Arts Council England’s National Portfolio in 2023 through her role as founding Creative Director/CEO of Something To Aim For (STAF).

Tracy has 20+ years’ experience working within the creative industries, developing a practice that explores the performing arts interface with academia, health, social justice, and more recently, technology. As a working class, woman of colour, who grew up in East Manchester, matters of diversity, equity, and inclusion can be found at the heart of all her work, driven by lived experience. 

She has a long history of supporting artists and artist led-organisations, championing critical voices from the fringes of the arts, and society in general, to infiltrate into mainstream conversations, increase impact, deepen engagement, and create entry points for the audiences and participants of today, and those of the future.

Outside of those previously supported through STAF, she has also held roles at Dance UmbrellaClod EnsembleSadler’s Wells and the University of Salford. Whilst she also sits on the Board of Trustees at Raze Collective, is an Artist Fellow at Queen Mary University of London and is currently Creative Consultant for Manchester’s SICK! Festival.