Fahad Shaft

Artistic Associate

Artistic Associate

Meet: Fahad

Fahad is an actor, rapper and Facilitator.

From playing the powerful and Regal Lord Capulet as an 8 year old (he will gladly show pictures to anybody) to playing the powerful and Regal King Claudius as a 21 year old, Fahad’s passion for the arts goes back a long way.

His love of creating is what he puts first. Creating a world for characters with backstories that dig way beyond the actual text of a piece, he lets his imagination run wild. Age of first kiss? Favourite place in the world? and most fond memory? these are some of the questions he asks himself as a character.

His credits for HighRise include Saint in ‘Between the Cracks’ & more recently Bagheera in ‘The Concrete Jungle Book’ to which he received critical acclaim.  He has also worked as a facilitator for HighRise since its inception in 2014 and has been part of delivery partnerships with artsdepot, We are Spotlight & Chickenshed.

Fahd also has a love for cars, music and peppered steak. He hopes to one day win the Champions League as manager of Arsenal Football Club.