The HighRise Podcast

Series 3 September 2020

Following seasons 1 & 2 in Hulme, Manchester & Lincoln Road, Peterborough – HighRise were back in London for season 3. This time round, they zoomed in on 9 Elms – a rich and vibrant community with bags of culture and art. This community have been watching the biggest regeneration project in Europe costing 15 billion pounds unfold before their eyes; new housing worth upwards of 1 million, plus train stations, office spaces and a shopping mall bigger than Westfield.

This season of The HighRise Podcast explored how the young people, musicians and youth workers of the ‘old’ 9 Elms, are being force fed a ‘new’ 9 Elms, which couldn’t be further from their natural environment. We explored how music is responding to this transformation and what role do educators have in bridging the gap?

Commissioned by Hunt & Darton’s Radio Local, a project that creates a hyper local radio station; so local, you have to be local to it to hear it. Built with and for the people living and working in close proximity of the area. The broadcast of The HighRise Podcast will start on 7th September and finish on 13th September 2020. The material was broadcast in its entirety on Riverside Radio daily between 4-5pm. The podcast is available for online downloads.