Between the Cracks

Touring 2013 – 2016

‘Between the Cracks’ is a cutting-edge piece of forum theatre exploring the challenging themes surrounding modern, inner-city gang violence, peer pressure and family. Imagine being forced to flirt with someone so they’re open to attack, or getting pressured into holding and using a knife. How can you tell your friends that you want to change your life when its all you really know? ‘Between The Cracks’ raises all of these questions and more

After witnessing a scene filled with dilemmas and bad decisions; HighRise invite audience members to swap places with the actors and try to change the outcome of the scene. How many times have you wanted to jump up at the TV and change your heroes actions? Now is your chance in this energy-fuelled piece of interactive, street theatre.

Since its Creation in 2013 and premiering at CHICKENSHED Theatre in the same year, HighRise have has been successfully delivering Between the Cracks to young people across London and have gained public funding from Arts Council England, The East End community foundation and Poplar HARCA, as well as being awarded support from The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation.

“HighRise have a dynamism and chemistry that carries young people along and helps them to attack the decisions and choices they need, ensuring young people are not stereotyped and reach their potential.”

– Paul Morrall, CHICKENSHED