16th – 18th May 2024

There’s a fine line between supremacy and saviour.

Set in an alternative future America (2040) un-federalised and torn apart by civil war, Tri-Border zooms in on a district partitioned into 3 sections by ‘impenetrable’ walls. As a young resistance group plot an unflinching uprising against the state, the disappearance of a comrade sets their mission down a new path of discovery into the dangerous depths of state-craft engineered by pocket hungry politicians.

Written & Directed by Dominic Garfield, TRI BORDER is a dystopian commentary on community, race-relations, media and revolution. As politics and society gets more and more polarised, Tri-Border provides a fast paced and rhythmic insight into the imminent challenges facing humanity in the global West.

Anything containing nuts is prohibited from entering the building. 

Content Warning: Flashing lights and strobe effects, gunfire; Haze effects; Loud noises and explosion sound effects; Strong language; sexual references; Homophobia, misogyny, themes of war, racism and violence.

Recommended Age: 16+