The HighRise family is based on 3 fundamental elements:


A safe space for artists and participants to explore real issues from unheard voices. Never shying away from what makes us unique and encouraging creative discussion on the issues that matter to the room, not in a text book or on the TV.


A place to perform. A place to learn. A place to be us. A place to escape & a place to conquer. When in the room, HighRise has the ability to shape shift, offering an escape from any oppression, whilst encouraging discussion if there is a desire to do so. In the room HighRise respect and champion venerability and respect is the currency in our culture.


A walking contradiction, we come from London but our roots spread over 5 continents. We are loud but vulnerable, in your face but internal thinkers, argumentative but compassionate. We all had to fight hard to get to where we are and we wont stop fighting ever. That fight is encouraged and can be seen in our shows, the young people we work with, our rehearsals, workshops and live events, which welcome a varied metropolis of raucous energy.